Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fella design & Macy curtain on SALE!!!

hi all!!

yeayh! Friday!! mari berjimba kerana hari ini hari jumaat :) update blog b4 lunch :>

huys, i'm Crazy enough with these two sales!! since we are in deco mode, we grab this opportunity to save our $$$$.. currently looking for curtain.. so last week, we went to these two butikss.. :)
Start with Fella Design: http://www.fella.com.my/sales.html

Location : HQ Fella, Bukit Subang
Time : 9am – 8pm
Date : 25 Feb - 6 March 2011

Great Discounts i cld say.. imported quality fabric from RM5/metre up to rm28/metre. mana nak dapat kan kat kedai lain!! :) but have to consider the fabric width..i dun like the "sambung2" kain for my sliding door.. so, big NO for small bidang.. fella only have bidang 54 & 60.. means i have to sambung kain cz my sliding door at 2.55 height. ;(

quality on the fabric : wallla!! superb beb.. kai tebal, design cantik2 & byk pilihan.. :)

other highlight :

  • First 25 customers on 28 Feb can purchase our Baby Sofa at only RM25 (Normally RM79)

  • First 25 customers on 1 Mar can purchase 1-Seater Treasure Footstool at only RM100 (Normally RM199)

  • First 25 customers on 2 Mar can purchase Wing Chair at only RM250 (Normally RM599)

alamak, semua date dh lepas.. :(

** sgt berbaloi if sape yang tahu jahit sendiri.. :)

NOW, Macy Curtain : http://www.macy.my/products/curtains/

also having sales until 6th march 2011..

limited design but they offer workmanship for free!! i can have my roman blind!! yeeehaa.. :)) banyak kain bidang besar.. :) pluss 20% off with macy membership card, 25% for citibank card..

to all b2b, selamat shopping curtain eyh!!

till then ~

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