Friday, August 6, 2010

BB alya's bufday party

morning all.. it's friday!! casual day right?? :)) ngantuk.. layan blog jap..

quick update: Alhamdulillah, husband already started at his new place. n for surely for time being he's working at home! amin,... no more PJJ.. oh really Thanks Allah..
and these was last week, my niece alya's 2nd yrs bufday party..Happy bufday dear!! aunty love u soo much!! semoga jadi anak yang solehah ye.. amin..aunty still owe u bufday present kan kan?? hampeh tull.. ;P
these wat i did for her.. thanks to uncle, ayah, ummi and achu for giving hand .. deco start at 1am just after alya turn in and finished at 3am.. phew!!

our simple deco

candy buffet on da way..

bufday girl!!

choc cake from opah..

the family.. ;))

lucky manage to get choc fountain for alya.. kids soo teruja with dat fountain.. but for sure a bit messy.. choc dot here and there..nama pun party kan? not much pic as taken as everybody bz melayan..

orait!! that's all for now..back to work!! ;)

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