Saturday, February 20, 2010

Paper Parasols..

nothing to update.. just wanna share this with you b2b. :).. found this while google the net. which i think getting famous nowadays.. cute umbrella kan? hiks.. i luv it soo much!! suitable for outdoor photoshoot!! but sorry, really forget where i get this.. sure ly frm en.google :)

big thanks to en. google..
thill then guys, nitey!
chup!! congrats Sabby and WLT and also to Amy!! all newly wed.. welcome to the club! :)


  1. payung ni memang i tengah cari for my sister in law dia nak kawin on oct ..mana nak cari yang color putih nih ekkk ..hurm ..

  2. sha: sorry..i pun xsure la mana bley dpt.. plan utk my cousin..another 2weeks time..chup! dulu2 payung ni glamor kan? i remember slalu nmpk dlm tv letak kat 'kubur'.. but now dh di kormesial kan.. if i jumpe, i'll let u know eyh..

  3. To my wife, for the second time I have no chance to celebrate your birthday but I promise to always remember your birthday. Selamat Hari Lahir and my special wish is always be with you. Insya Allah.

  4. dear : thanks for the warm wishes dear!! sure candle light dinner 2nite if u ada kat sini kan? hurm.. i miss u soo much laling!! c u april ya!! BIG HUGG!!


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