Thursday, November 26, 2009


hello all, been a while I did not update this blog. Too many things that need to be settle. Phew! really tired but i'm enjoying my last preparation. once in life time right?? ;) any update???? yurp, thanks to God, all cards should be distributed already in the mail.HIV test, the form of marriage is completed. will send it to jurunikah nextweek.

one thing about borang nikah, to all bride to be, PLSSS double or tripple check the kebenaran nikah before u left the counter, do checked your name. lucky i checked my form before i left. you know what?? Pejabat agama spelled my fiance's name wrongly. ooh no!!I only want to marry someone I love not others plsss.. heee.. ;P i think this shld be avoided. it cloud create 'cemas' situation to my future hubby.. dh la tgh berdebar kan..

dat's all for now, mahu call kilang choc. ;)


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