Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wedding budget...

wedding oo wedding... like people said "money is not everything but everything is money".. after list out everything, found out XXXXX amount to be spent. huh, is such a big amount for me yg baru setahun jagung bekerja. should we spent all the savings just for a day?? which is more important your grand wedding or marriage?? this Q always kacau my mind.. huh, :( both are important!! wedding once in life time..

fiancee always remind me.. "we have to think for our future dear". better we have grand honeymoon pluss dream house + car right?? hurm.. so shld sacrifice for wedding la ni eyh?? ooh noo!! i luv wedding deco soo much!!

tapi pk balik, betul jugak ckp partner.. marriage is more important than my wedding.. all the deco just for a day.. bersanding pun x sampi 1jam. tul x?maka dengan itu, hari ni bertekad!! having a simple dias n deco but try to make it elegant.. heheheheh... if nk ikut taste, sume benda nak!!! :( my mum alwys said " buat yg perlu & make it sederhana, tu lebih AFDAL" - try to igt all the nasihat yg amat berguna tu..

Say no to DEBT!! debts will lead to other probs later on.. SEDERHANA K.. :)

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  1. ahmad syafiq bin abd nasirFriday, July 17, 2009 3:15:00 AM

    erm deco bakal umah kita lagi best rasanya..


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